The A.T. Guide 2017 Northbound Book & PDF Combo

Size: 7.5" x 5.25", 224 pages, 7.8 ounces. Features:

• Landmarks, mileages, and elevations for the entire AT.
• Maps for 90 towns and areas along the trail and listings of services available along the way.
• Elevation Profile maps.
• Coords for over 200 trailhead parking areas; enables use of GPS to find the trailhead.
• Triple shelter mileages: see the distance to the next three shelters in each direction.
• Book comes with a heavy duty zip-lock bag.

This edition is best suited for traveling south to north on the AT. Southbound mileages are also provided.

The 2017 A.T. Guide PDF Northbound version contains live links for websites, email addresses, coordinates, phone numbers and page references. Adobe Reader is required. Please see product page for the paperback book for details about the book content.


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ATG 2017 Northbound Book & PDF Combo
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